Diarrhea And Nausea During My Period?
It doesn’t happen every time, but this time is not a happy period because I have ben feeling nauseated the entire time, diarrhea, and horrible cramping for the past 4 days…my period usually lasts 7-8 days. Why does this happen and is it normal

Answer by Bean
dont worry, i go through the same thing 2-3 weeks before my period. it usually only lasts one-two days for me. its because of a really severe hormone inbalance. birth control can help regulate ur hormones. also you can take a non laxative like immodium. hope this helps!

Answer by Portia
This is normal. Some just experience more during their period than others. I can think back to a time that I had stomach flu-like symptoms up to the very moment that I started my period. Birth Control pills and other medications are often given to patients that experience this on a regular for hormonal indifference.

Answer by Logan
There’s a theory that the contractions of the uterus causes the digestive tract to get irritated. The movement can make your bowels contract and move, even to the point of diarrhea. Also, experiencing great pain (like a headache or cramp or even being hit really hard) can cause nausea, because pain causes disorientation.

It’s unfortunately very normal for this to happen during a period.

Diarrhea And Nausea During My Period?

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