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diarrhea for 2 weeks?
I have had diarrhea for over 2 weekx now. some minor cramping, otherwise just weak but ok. what is it?
diarrhea is mostly liquid, light brown to yellow clear no real solids. some nausea and very weak, drinking lots of water. very afraid to eat…ANYTHING, and losing appetite. there is some minor cramping and some nausea but thats it. I am post menapausal so i am not pregnant….that’s out. is there some virus out there that is “going around” that does this? I went to the DR. they ran tests on blood and stool samples and nothing was found. Any ideas? This is getting scary and I can’t go any where (work etc) Help if you can

Answer by Crystal B
Most likely, you have picked up a parasitic bacteria of some sort, but you could have irritable bowel syndrome or Crone’s Disease. These are not easily diagnosed and you typically have to go to a specialist. Has your doctor given you a referral? I sure hope so because this is not good news. I had something like that a couple of years ago and it was actually just food poisoning–I had picked something up at an airport restaurant. But you really REALLY ought to get yourself checked out for more serious conditions. If it’s not gone in a few more days, I’d start yelling at your doctors to take you more seriously and ask for a referral. I’m sorry you’re dealing with this. Not fun.

Answer by dogwalker
Have you changed your regular diet at all in the last 2 weeks? think of drinks, not just food, as well as a change in any medication, like a daily multivitamin?…anything added/taken away that you typically consume/don’t consume?

Answer by steve.c_50
Try something like immodium and some sort of tranquilizer like valium if you have it and see if that helps. You could just have an anxiety circle (gut makes you anxious,which messes with your gut). If the doc cleared you for salmonella, etc, then it might work.

Answer by House MD
Stop taking those vitamin C pills

Answer by milton b
Diarrhea for 2 weeks is not normal and this is a serious condition. You need to get back to your doctor and this time if he hasn’t go any better ideas that the last time you were there find another doctor.

Answer by tipp10
Try removing wheat, rye, barley and oats completely from your diet. Celiac disease can give the symptoms that you have. It can take a few weeks to work the gluten out of your system.

Check this website:

I know that it is hard because wheat is used in so many things but it can be done. I know because I am Celiac.

Let me know how you are doing at

Answer by SHARI
My friend’s 10 month old baby has had diarrhea for over a month now. The doctor said that there was another baby that had the same problem. They still do not know what is causing this baby’s diarrhea. They just took a stool sample and are waiting for the results.

Have you ever had gall bladder problems? Gall bladder issues give you BAD stomach cramps and you can get nauseated. You can also get diarrhea from it too. Maybe you should further tests ran…

Answer by kelly_hotma
you need to see your doc. have you ever had a colonoscopy before, there may be bacteria that is harful in your stomach or intestines causing it, it could also be irritable bowels or a really long stretch of tummy flu but if you arent running a fever then maybe not the tummy flu and is there any blood in your stool?…you should see a doctor for sure and if you see blood in the stool go to the Emergency room immediately and describe the symptoms and pain to a proffessional, good luck

Answer by riley2349
If your labs have come up with no virus, and it seems like you don’t want to eat just so you don’t go bolting to the restroom. Try the B-R-A-T diet for a while. Your bowels or digestive tract may have been irritated. this can be caused by different new foods or by changes in medication. The Brat diet is easy B-bananas – R-rice – A-applesauce – T-toast. These are all easily digested and the starches should help. If you are drinking just water, be careful. While replacing some liquid your body is using, the diarrhea is flushing most of it back out, (since water is re-absorbed through your intestines first,) Have a friend get pedialyte for you. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is great for replacing elecrolytes that can add to your feeling weak. Stay away from Strong juices like orange, grapefruit juice. If you drink apple juice dilute it. the acids and sugars will only aggravate your bowels. Also, avoid coffee and tea, they are natural diuretics and will only add to the problem. Also look for over-the-counter anti-diarrheah medication. if the “pink stuff” isn’t working, ask your pharmacist for the next ‘step up’. be sure to consult your doctor if you are taking additional meds.

diarrhea for 2 weeks?

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