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Nausea but can’t throw up………….?
This morning i couldn’t go to school cuz i got this terrible nausea and had diarrhea and i went to puke but cause i didn’t have anything on my stomach i just threw up saliva. Then after i felt better after i ate but this feeling has been going on all day and now i ate a sandwich and i feel like i wanna throw up, the same thing happened, i just gag but nothing else i even tried to stick my finger up and it doesn’t work. I think it was food poisoning, i ate meat yesterday. But i also think it’s my period (i got it today) What should i do? I really wanna throw up cuz im gonna feel better but i can’t. Suggestions? Thanks
the feeling just comes and go
i get nausea while on my period but not like this i dont that far to gagging

Answer by nikky
I think it is your period causing that..cramps usually come in waves. take ibuprofen and see if that relieves it

Nausea but can’t throw up………….?

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