Night time nausea/abdominal cramps/diarrhea?
For the past few days I have been feeling fine all day but then come 830-9pm I have been getting wicked bad lower gastrointestinal gurgly-ness, and pain and cramping and nausea and when I do end up getting to the bathroom it is not much but it is very loose but not that liquid-y. What might be causing this? I don’t know what is causing it :/ but it is annoying and really painful and it is ruining my appetite at night and causing me embarassment
not really the only thing I have eaten everyday has been green grapes around 3-4-5pm

Answer by malica
First guess would be sensitivity to something you’re eating. Dairy is one of the more likely culprits, but it could be nearly anything. Have you been eating anything different for dinner/after dinner the last few days?

Night time nausea/abdominal cramps/diarrhea?

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