Diarrhea, stomach cramps, backache, nausea…what is it?
Okay, so two members of my family already came down with a 48 hour flu thing. Super bad diarrhea, chills, temperature around 103 degrees, fever, nausea, an even upset stomach once. Well, both cases started fast and ended without 48 hours.

I’ve been feeling sick for the past four days. It started with a backache, then stomach cramps every half hour to an hour. Last night, I got diarrhea, and then a backache that hurt so bad, I can’t describe it. I’ve had diarrhea a little today, although it’s not as bad as what my family members suffered. More than that, though, is this nausea. It takes me an hour to eat breakfast, because I just can’t stand the food. Lunch is a little better. The past three nights, though, I can’t even think of food or I feel sick. I’ve eaten a little because I must, but it takes so long because I’m trying not to throw up with every bite. I was also bloated yesterday.

I’m a female, not sexually active, and I eat normal when I’m not sick.

Please, tell me what this could be!

Answer by Poetry Ink-Operated
it’s probably a gastrointestinal virus affecting the family, or perhaps just something you may have eaten. I would recommend that you monitor the diarrhea and keep well hydrated. buscopan may help with the stomach cramps. panadol for the fever and aches. get plenty of bed rest and take it easy.hope you feel better soon.

Diarrhea, stomach cramps, backache, nausea…what is it?

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