Nasty Egg burps what causes them?

May 20
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Nasty Egg burps what causes them?
For a couple of years I have experienced these burps. They have come and gone. It starts in the middle of the night while I am sleeping. I wake up tossing and turning for the rest of the night. I wake up bloated and my stomach is in unbelievable pain. Mainly the right side towards my ribs. It feels like I ate rocks or my intestines are going through a meat grinder! Every time I try to move it makes my pain worsen. Accompanied with this pain is nasty gas. Burps that taste and smell digesting (which makes the dog run). It ruins my social life, because I am afraid to do this in public. After hours of discomfort and pain, nausea and gas. I get a spout of vomiting or diarrhea. After that I have slight pain and minim burps the rest of the night.

I really would like to know if anyone else experiences this and if so what causes their burps?

Answer by tata
acid reflux

Answer by Cribber
I was going to say GERD ( a fancy term for indigestion) until you said vomiting and diarrhea. I would guess you have the beginnings of gall bladder disease (gallstones). I had it and had the same symptoms. You should get an ultrasound and they can tell you right away. The night mine finally got to the point I couldn’t take it any more, they did an ultrasound and was able to tell me what it was in about ten minutes. I had it out and after about a year adjusting to what I could and couldn’t get away with eating.. it all straightened out.

Answer by gregg k
The burps are acid reflux. But that is not your problem! That’s just a result of the problem. You got a back-up. The pipes are backing up. It’s overflowing back into your throat. Let me point out that you have 30 feet of intestines. That’s about what, 6 times your height? Bowel movements clear the intestines. In you condition, do not take any laxative, but take lots of fiber and get your bowels flowing regularly and keep them flowing. Pump out the bacteria that is causing it.

Answer by Judie
Could be acid reflux,ulcers,or gastritis.I have all of your symptoms and you are right,that is one of the most painful things I have ever had,they do get a lot more painful if you move.My doctor did an endoscopy and I had ulcers and gastritis,gastritis is inflammation of the stomach lining,he said I had the worst case he had ever seen.You need to see your doctor about getting an endoscopy if you have not had one.Good luck.

Nasty Egg burps what causes them?

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It’s not funny, but my burps smell like eggs?

May 8
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It’s not funny, but my burps smell like eggs?
This has been happening to me for some months now. It has NOTHING to do with me eating eggs; I know because I haven’t eaten eggs in weeks. I’ve looked up my condition and the symptoms and it’s said to be something called ‘giardia’, but I don’t think I had anything to eat which was contaminated. I really need to find a solution to treat and get rid of this problem ONCE AND FOR ALL. Plus, I’m due to begin exams like two weeks from now, so I really need a solution fast before I feel nauseous in exams and then I can’t do my exams to the best of my ability.

Oh yes, the symptoms I’ve been getting for a while are this:
1) Eggy, sulfurous-smelling burps
2) Abdominal pains, similar to cramps a woman gets when she’s having her period
3) Diarrhoea
4) Nausea and the feeling to vomit
5) Vomiting

I’m only looking for serious people with serious answers to this question. It’s not a funny matter at all. I’m pretty worried here and I hope that this situation won’t get worse. Thank you in advance.
I also have this condition where I haven’t seen my period for almost a … *gasp* … year? I’m not sure, I doubt the two could be linked but is there some chance that both problems are? I have no idea about anything anymore! Anyway, I did check out the lack of period with a doctor and it could be PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome, or PCOS. I have some cysts in my ovary which were identified by a pelvic ultrasound, and they needed me to come in to check my blood, but my mom doesn’t want me to go because I’m about to undertake exams and if the news could be upsetting, there could be a chance that I won’t be able to do well in exams so that I lose out on my dream of getting an open scholarship. I know, pressure!!! What should I do? Should I go to the doctor in any case?

Answer by seizuresque
seriously, go to the doctor.

Answer by iamjuls
I had this for years! Get some over the counter pepcid and take it daily. It is stress related, your stomach is producing too much acid

Answer by Darren J
seriously go see a doctor. It could be an ulcer. You should have it checked.

Answer by mountain gal
If your self-diagnosis is correct in that
you do indeed have giardia, then
this is an infection of protozoa.which can
be any of many tiny one or 2 celled
amoebas etc, which are parasites and
live in the intestinal tract.
I would ask if you drink out of a well
or creek, etc.
You need to see the doctor who will
do some fecal slides to see just what
the parasite is. He may ask you to do
a home fecal test.
This is fairly common on poorer
countries where the water is not
purified. It can be easily treated so
that the parasites are killed. The
Public Health Dept. should be notified
if you are drinking contaminated water,
so they can protect others and also
make the city or town clean up the
water supply.

Answer by QUeeeN
see a doctor immediately ! this might be ur colon !!!

Answer by erika
i have this happen to me all the time! take pepto and drink lots of water it works for me everytime

Answer by happy
That’s right you will only find out through tests. See a doctor soon as possible. This is a must. I could only guess what you could possibly have and that wont help.

Answer by usmctanker1962
If this is intermittent it is most likely a sour stomach. Caused by something you ate, not necessarily eggs. Get from the drug store some Rhubarb soda. A table spoon or two will resolve this. I learned this from a gastroenteroligist I used to work with.
Now, if this and the laundry list of other problems occurs frequently or are ongoing, see a Dr.

Answer by GracieM
This is no laughing matter. Your health is the most important and you are having some concerning symptoms, related to the off-smelling burps. If is a form of bacterial contamination, better to take care of it before it advances to something more serious. As far as PCOS and your period, a year is too long not to have a period. I would be very concerned that they are not interrelated.

Answer by P T
Fibrocyts are very serious health concerns. They can rupture and cause havoc on the lining of your pelvic area and cause an infection. Infection in this area is very serious. I had a cyst rupture once and it hurt like hell. usually if there is more than one it requires surgery. These fibroid with mess with your bodies ability to maintain a normal hormone balance which is why no period.
As for the other in my opinion you have Gardia, if you have been camping or anything that was near or in a lake then that is the problem. Gardia is caused by protozoa from animal feces and these animals feces will wash into water near the shore. So if you didn’t boil your water long enough before putting food in it or drinking right from the shore or even sometimes from the middle of a lake then this is your number one possibility. The only way to get rid of it is anibiotics, your symptoms will go away, but Gardia has a nasty way of creeping back up again and will present with the same symptoms. I do not think that the 2 are related at all

It’s not funny, but my burps smell like eggs?

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This is a serious question my burps smells like rotten eggs?

Sep 20
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This is a serious question my burps smells like rotten eggs?
And I have diarrhea and nausea but why do my burps smells like rotten eggs?

Answer by Rukia
You’re sick, probably an upset stomach cuz of mixing alot of kinds of foods, drinks. Try not to eat anything but yoghurt, white boiled rice, baked potatoe, pomgernate juice, 7-up helps as well just do it for 2-4 days you’ll be fine. Diarrhea and throwing up is natural your body is trying to clean itself.

If it doesn’t work visit a doctor, take care of yourself.

Answer by inkdropp
u need to eat more leafy greans. It’s normal to eat a salad BEfore the rest of your meal. Also if you don’t poo daily, your breath can turn horrible.

Answer by Jacquee2sweet
when your burps smell like rotten eggs they are also known as sulfur burps, i got them real bad before being diagnosed with pancreatitis, if you look up sulfur burps they have lots of advice my doctor told me to take it easy and to try antacid works unless theres an underlying problem that needs doctors attention.

Answer by hodekin2000
A stomach parasite called giardia can cause this so it’s best to have it checked by a dr as it can become chronic otherwise.
However, i had the ‘egg burps’ too, and it was just the way my upset stomach was interacting with food. Should go away in a few days.

This is a serious question my burps smells like rotten eggs?

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Has anyone ever had a stomach virus with stomach pains and eggy burps?

Sep 1
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Has anyone ever had a stomach virus with stomach pains and eggy burps?
followed by nausea and diarrhea? One night I woke up and my stomach was hurting so bad and I had these awful smelling and tasting eggy burps that just makes you want to vomit. I was gassy also. The pains, the burps, and gas finally stop. But when I got up that morning, I was very nauseated and had diarrhea. Has this happened to anyone?

Answer by wowzer9
umm, no…Yikes that’s pretty nasty…hope you are feeling better.

Answer by Chimwajoe R
wait with eggs? I don’t think that’s human
are you a walrus?
I’ve never had a walrusw friend before

Answer by RomeyM
Yes and those eggy burps a lot of times happen because you have a sour stomach, the only thing I have found that effectively works is Pepto Bismol, it at least gets rid of those nasty, stinky burps.

Answer by Pawan Bhatia

Answer by sejbombz_lollipop
It could be numerous things, from colic,gastritus,celiac symptoms, crohns disease, stomach bug, indigestion… It’s worth finding out from a doctor really, they can check your stomach by pressing it and maybe even an ultrasound. Take ant-acids if you feel heartburn and if you don’t either take colofac, peppermint oil or imodium.

As long as your on no other meds you can usually take colofac, ask your pharmacist just incase.

Answer by An Acorn
I think you might be impregnated. You should probably get that tested.

Answer by Elley
Yes it is called sour stomach. It sucks I know, sometimes I have it for a few days, other times its only 24 hours.

It will run its course, feel better!

Answer by Capt. M
This is a sign of an early death. I’m sorry but save up your allowance for a casket.

Answer by Seldon Surak
never had that particular combo
I would write down everything I ate the day before and WHERE I ate it.
It sounds like a food reaction, but hard to say if it was due to something you never had before, food allergy, or unsanitary food prep is impossible to say

for example: Some people from non pork eating societies have bad reactions to eating pork until they get used to it.

Answer by christina f
You might have gallbladder problems. Go to the doctor and tell them whats going on. I had the same problems when I had gallbladder problems. good luck.

Has anyone ever had a stomach virus with stomach pains and eggy burps?

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what is this nausea/diarrhea/bad tasting burps?

Feb 10
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what is this nausea/diarrhea/bad tasting burps?
Boyfriend got sick a little over a week ago…had typical diarrhea and vomiting, lasted a couple of days…then it went away for a day, came back…it’s been doing this every other day thing, some days consecutively for a little over a week now. He says it will start with burping, which tastes like cheerios (which is disgusting I realize), then he has diarrhea with some vomiting. He says is poo is really dark colored. He doesn’t have any real abdominal pain, maybe a little soreness in the lower area. A few times he has described his vomit/bowel movements as having nothing to do with what he ate, like maybe it’s all more mucousy like. But it just varies. What is up? Should he get to the doctor asap?

Answer by kitty-m
yes worth having a chat with doc

what is this nausea/diarrhea/bad tasting burps?

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What is this nausea/diarrhea/bad tasting burps?

Jan 1
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nausea diarrhea

What is this nausea/diarrhea/bad tasting burps?
I have all of these and it seems to be happening every other day.
I was just wondering if anyone knows what I have?

Answer by Banned!
You’re pregnant.

Answer by Rudy
maybe indegestion

Answer by turcoiseskyocean
Could be gastric reflux or possibly stomach ulcers. Neither are super serious but worth getting checked out for

Answer by 2hot4tv
you may have a stomach virus like me but if your a woman you could be preggers

Answer by Hobo
It could be GERD’S or IBS. You should see a doctor.

Answer by Babi Doll

What is this nausea/diarrhea/bad tasting burps?

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