Flu, stress, diabetes, weight problem or a virus?

Jul 13
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Flu, stress, diabetes, weight problem or a virus?
Im 17 years old and i have a problem that i cant seem to work out.

In early July, i went to Ibiza and ate 3 good meals a day. But towards the end of the holiday, i suddenly had diarrhoea and felt nausea and ill. I was fine a few days later but suddenly fell ill again. For the past month its been on and off where i have bad stomachs. Then a few days ago, i seemed to have all the symptoms of a seasonal flu. But since then, ive felt weak, fatigued and i get full after eating several bites of a meal.

Im convinced my weight is the problem. I am 5 foot 8 and i weigh 7 stone 6 (104 lbs) and that is considerably underweight. Its possible what im feeling is because of the low weight i am or because my immune system couldnt fight off a virus from Ibiza due to my weight.
I’ve also checked the symptoms of diabetes and i have one or two symptoms which can be mistaken for anything (aching muscles, feeling ill after eating, fatigue). So basically i have a list of problems and i cant determine which one i have.

I dont have increased thirst.
My appetite is poor and i can only eat one meal a day and not feel hungry till the next day.
I have headaches which seem to bring on a bad stomach in some cases.
I dont always feel ill after eating.
I drink water above all.
I have days when i feel great (until recently) and then the next im ill again.
Im not generally fit and dont exercise (im always sat down or lying down most days).
Im alright in myself, as in a can still appear cheerful and fine.

So does anyone else know what the problem could be before i see a doctor?

Thanks in advance :)

Answer by Henecia ❤
i think its because u had previously fall sick and your immune system is not strong enough.. that’s why u dont have enough appetite to eat.. but u must remember that if u dont eat, your body wont get the nutrient which are neccessary for your immune system to be strong.so i think the problem here is with your weight..
i dont think you should be worried about diabetes, unless
-u had lost a lot of weight recently
-frequent urination
-excess thirst
-have family members who are diabetic

above all, it is best to go see the doctor in order to know exactly what is wrong with your body and health..
all the best :)

Flu, stress, diabetes, weight problem or a virus?

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Is it diabetes or not? I really need help.?

Jun 28
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nausea diarrhea headache

Is it diabetes or not? I really need help.?
I am hypoglycemia and the last two weeks I haven’t been felling well. I am 17 ( girl) and think i have might have diabetes. I have looked online at signs and have talked to my mother about them, but she just says I am trying to make myself sick. I am not, I am scared. My grandfather was a diabetic and I want to know if this sounds like I might have it or not. I have been going to the bathroom a lot and had a bladder infection and I have been having diarrhea ( embarrassing but thought that it might help) . Drinking a lot and sometimes have blurry vision. I have found two small random bruise on my arms and this morning i woke up feel weak and my legs were in pain at the joints. I have been feeling tired the last few weeks and have been falling asleep a lot during the day. I haven’t lost a lot of weight, but we do not have a scale at home so i don’t know if i have lost any at all. I have been eating a lot of food and right after I eat I feel nausea . I have been having really bad headaches too. I have been really angry and irritated at everyone ( no it is not pms, I haven’t had my monthly in three months.) Some is it diabetes or just something else?

Answer by mburke17
The best one to answer this for you definitively would be your doctor…make an appointment to see them as soon as you can.

Answer by Millie Monroe
You may want to look up the signs of pregnancy. That is what it sounds like to me.

Answer by Corin Ballard
I have type 1 diabetes and what you describe sounds almost identicle to what I went through before I was diagnosed. It sounds more hyperglycemic (high blood sugar) than hypoglycemic, you’re going to the bathroom a lot because your body is trying to get rid of excess blood sugar and you’re drinking a lot so you can continue duing so. Blurry vision, nausea, weakness, tiredness, and irritability come from the sugar in your food floating around in your blood instead of entering your blood cells like its supposed to. Your explanation sounds dangerously close to type 1 diabetes which is more common in people under 30. Go to your doctor imediately before it gets worse.

Answer by Isabella
Sounds like both diabetes or pregnancy, Please call your doctor.

Is it diabetes or not? I really need help.?

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Does this sound like diabetes or no?

Jun 20
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nausea diarrhea headache

Does this sound like diabetes or no?
I have been feeling ill for the past year or so, the worst I have in my whole life. I just went to the doctor last Wednesday, she thinks I might have a thyroid problem, so I got a blood test, and a urine test (haven’t gotten results back yet, so I’m assuming it’s all good? although my urine had protein in it;). I just feel sooo sick all the time, and I don’t understand why, if its not a thyroid problem (or anything that would show up in a blood or urine test), what could it be? Some symptoms include
hot flashes, (intolerance to heat)
severe fatigue
dry mouth and thirst
constant hunger
stomach problems (nausea, upset stomach, heartburn, gas, sometimes diarrhea)
no weight gain (maybe a slight weight LOSS)
severe mood swings
muscle aches/ weakness
tachycardia/heart palpitations
and headaches
and just a general malaise feeling all the time
and lately my mouth is super dry too…and I’m so dehydrated I can’t even drink enough water..it might be because its hot
but a minute after drinking water my mouth is completely dry again :(

Answer by Tia
dry mouth and extreme thirst is why my husband went to the doctor for a check up. he did have diabetes that is now controlled with oral medication. ask for a glucose blood test. the MD said the thirst is the #1 complaint of diabetics….good luck. i hope you feel better.

Answer by Matt
Im not sure but my friend is diabetic and hes maybe a little more thirsty than average people, he gets fatigued pretty easy, but hes overweight. aside from that hes pretty much normal

Answer by Amanda
OMG let me know what it is ok as i’ve been feeling all this for about 2 months now I havn’t been to the doctor’s yet but maybe i will now….

Answer by EvaUnit02Pilot
Damn. You poor person. All I can say is, the most common types of symptoms for diabetes are blurred vision, fruity smell of the breath, nausea, vomiting, abdominal pain, increased urination, weight loss, and hyperventilation. I can’t be sure if you have diabetes though because these symptoms of yours are also very common in a number of other different diseases. Just do your research and you might find something that matches what you have. Good luck and I hope you’ll soon get a lot better.

Does this sound like diabetes or no?

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Do the symptoms I’ve been getting match up with type 1 diabetes?

Oct 23
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Do the symptoms I’ve been getting match up with type 1 diabetes?
-fatigue and tiredness. sometimes when i stand up i get dizzy and feel like fainting.
-peeing a lot.
-not hungry.
-stomach nausea.
I’m 17 by the way.
Do you think I should get it checked out? This all started like three days ago. I got up and could hardly stand up. I was shaking also. I had a pear, which I threw up, so it might just be a stomach virus.

Answer by troyr
Yes is does sound like a stomach virus.

Diarrhea has nothing to do with diabetes.

Answer by Kathleen
I would get checked just in case cause diabetes is sometimes mis diagnosed I had type 1 for a whole year before they even thought about testing me I almost passed away And yes they thought it was just a stomach virus and half the time they thought it was the flu. So on the safe side go get checked cause you do not want the complications from not knowing and taking care of it now

Answer by Nick S
A few of your symptoms do line up with type 1 diabetes, however, the dizziness when you stand is most likely a result of dehydration, which is probably caused by the frequent urination, but the Fatigue, nausea and urinary frequency are the only symptoms indicative of diabetes, the diarrhea and loss of appetite are not symptoms of diabetes, you most likely have the flu, a urinary tract infection, or both.

Answer by Terri
It never hurts to get it checked but it could be a stomach virus or a mix of things. Lots of stuff makes you throw up and have diarrhea. Usually, diarrhea isn’t a diabetic thing unless you have digestive complications or your taking a medicine that doesn’t agree with you.

When you have a virus, you will tend to pee a lot to rid your body of germs and things. You won’t be hungry usually and tiredness is always part of sickness.

Get checked if you are really bothered by it and it lasts a long while.

Answer by hieilover91
Some of the symptoms match up with diabetes like the frequent urination, and fatgue.
although you might have some sort of stomach virus thats causing you to be sick. I would check with your doctor just to make sure. Its always better to be safe then sorry.
I myself am diabetic and I suffered Urinary track infections and Diarrhea as a complication of having Diabetes.

Answer by Miz Lamb
your symptoms are not diabetes, however you should get to the doctor immediately or the urgent care center at the hospital. YOU might have the FLU! I’ve been reading the symptoms and indications since my grandson was visiting with a girl who was Dx’d with Swine Flu.

Do the symptoms I’ve been getting match up with type 1 diabetes?

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If you are a doctor, nurse or have diabetes, maybe you can answer my question?

Oct 16
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If you are a doctor, nurse or have diabetes, maybe you can answer my question?
Ok, first off, I had my first born 5 months ago and while pregnant, I found out I was gestational diabetic. The OB/GYN said that I had a chance of keeping diabetes after delivery but I really didn’t take it to heart.

After delivery, my son was in the NICU, (that is kind of irrelevant, sorry) but I started having some problems of my own. I started to have really bad stomach problems (e.g. bad cramping, spiratic trips to the bathroom, diarrhea, nausea, etc). I told my gynecologist and she gave me something to take stool samples.

Because my son was in the hospital and I was so busy (visiting him, getting his ss card etc) I never really got the chance to relax much less remember about the samples. On top of that, when my son finally got home, I was so caught up with taking care of him and taking HIM to the doctor that I forgot about my own appointments. Still was having the same problems.

Today, 5 months later, I talked to my gynecologist again about it and she asked me if I ever took my glucose test (she had given me a fasting/glucose lab sheet to go have done the first visit and I forgot about it). I told her I just never got the chance to do it with my son having come home. I described what was going on and she told me that she thought it was very important to get the lab done because she has a strong suspicion that I have diabetes and it could be related. I really didn’t think too much into it because I couldn’t see why or how it could be related.

Well, tonight, after eating spaghetti, 2 rolls and sugary soft drinks, I started to feel drained, having a headache, and became lightheaded (always just thought it was because of my seizures, for some reason – yes, I am epileptic) But then I realized that this is how I felt while I was gestational. So, I checked my sugar and it was 165. I know that is high.

SO, my question is: If, in fact, I do happen to have diabetes, then how does it relate to my stomach problems? I don’t understand. And how bad really IS 165? Sorry that this was so long but I thought there was a lot of information needed. I really appreciate any help given.

Answer by rose j
GF you are diabetic you need to take extra care of your self to take care of your son believe me as a nurse and someone with diabetes. And has lost a leg please go get it under control because diabetes is a serious disease

Answer by cruisecrazy
The first answer was right. You NEED to go to your doctor now because that is a high reading. This could really indicate diabetes. You doctor will be able to tell you what causes the stomach issues. It could be related to diabetes and could be something totally different. Go get checked out by your doctor! Good luck!!

Answer by echoroxy01
165 is not high with no insulin and 2 hours after a meal. if i did that my sugars would be in the 1000s. but yes go get the test done 2 make sure.

Answer by EMPac99
How bad 165 is depends on how long after eating you checked your sugar. if within 2 hours, not high enough to be diagnostic of anything. If you have diabetes, I doubt your other stomach problems are probably a separate issue.

Answer by Cindy S
yes you need to be seen by a dr asap due to you having the siezures. but you also need to be seen due to the fact that your sugars are probley getting high and then crashing thru the floor and that’s not healthy. Be a person who goes and gets the help and they can give you stuff to help control you seizures, if your sugars get to high it can kick off a gran mal seizure as well.

For you but also since you have a baby in the house be seen asap. In the state of oregon I know that DHS can come and take the baby for just the fact that you are having high blood sugar and have a seizures once ina while. be seen and get your dr behind you so that you can raise a baby.

Answer by Shantal
My Hubby has type 1 diabetes, and if you are concerned you should get all your paperwork done, and get to the lab and see a doctor! It is a life threatening illness and should be taken care of right away. The doctor will be able to help you understand all the things that go with it, there’s a lot to explain. You don’t want to be feeling sick and dizzy with a small child around, it’s not safe. Normal blood sugar is between 90 -100, so 165 is high and you should be checked out.

If you are a doctor, nurse or have diabetes, maybe you can answer my question?

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I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, having trouble with meds?

Aug 26
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I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, having trouble with meds?
Recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, (insulin intolerant) they started me on pills to help lower my blood sugar I have been sickevery day that I have taken them,diarrhea nausea and really weak and tired, I have placed a call to my doctor but haven’t heard anything yet? Any suggestions?

Answer by Zam
Type 2 diabetes is first treated with diet and exercise. Get off pills and do those, and go back to dr.

Answer by pedro7of9
call doctor every 30 min until you get him…my sis had same and cut her pill in 1/2 for a week until her body adjusted..

Answer by Forager
Would you be on metformin by any chance?

These symptoms are normal for many people when they first start taking it and should go away quite quickly.

You may be able to get swapped onto the slow release version though which could help quite a bit.

Or as pedro suggests, cut the pills in half and spread them out through the day until you adjust.

[edit] And i agree mith Mary O – Zam is a total idiot.

Answer by Mary O
Zam is an idiot to tell you to get off your meds and do exercise instead. He does not know your case and while exercise and diet are part of the treatment for diabetes, the meds are the third part. You just don’t mess with diabetes since out of control sugars can cost you vision, and worse. I accept that your meds have not agreed with you, but your doctor can change to another drug. Common sense tells you that if your doctor did not call back, you have to call again. And again.

Answer by Sweet Lulu
I have type 2 diabetes since i was 13 years old. i had the same symptoms. when I told my Dr about it she told me to stop the tablets for one week and take it again after that. i did what she told me and it is kind of work. it’s always better if you consult your doctor in such a case. high blood sugar also make you feel dizzy, tired, and cause diarrhea.
take care of yourself.

Answer by AnRN
I think you mean non-insulin dependent or insulin resistant, not insulin intolerant (there’s really no such thing), meaning you make enough insulin so you don’t have to inject it yourself. Oral medications for type 2 diabetes take awhile to get used to, especially with the side effects which include nausea, diarrhea, decreased appetite, etc. They help stimulate your pancreas to release more insulin, or help your body work with the insulin it already produces. Right now, all you can do is stay on top of your sugars, adhere to a diet that your dietitian or doctor recommended, and start working on exercising and losing weight. Oral medications won’t work alone in helping maintain healthy sugar levels. Diet and exercise are both key in managing your type 2 diabetes.

Answer by Lucky
i was diagnosed with type 2 a year ago. did they put you on metformin? i started taking that. i had the same exact problems. i went back to my normal doctor and then went to two other doctors complaining of the same problems. i was told it would take a few months for my body to adjust. i felt that way almost everyday for 8 months before i said i had enough. i know it isnt smart to go against your doctor, but i stopped the pills for a month to see if the symtoms would stop. sure enough they did. but then my blood sugar was a bit high from not taking it. so i went back to the doctor and told her what i did and finally she listened to me. she put me on another diabetes drug and im fine now. there are other diabetes drugs other then metformin. see if they cant switch you. dont go 8 months like i did.

Answer by SugarBabie
Check the label on your pills. Are they metformin? If so, you are in luck because this fix usually works for everyone!

Try eating yogurt with your metformin, before your meals. Yogurt reduces the side effects of metformin.

Look for Danone NO sugar added yogurt. This one won’t raise your blood sugar too much and it works. Have one serving with your pills, about 15 to 20 minutes before your meal.

By the way, the correct term isn’t insulin intolerant, its insulin resistant.

Answer by Judie G
The diabetes meds cause a lot of stomach problems,I couldn’t take any of them.Ask your doctor about Byetta,I have had no problems with it and it also makes you loose weight because it makes you feel full a lot sooner,I have lost 42 lbs in 3 months, Judie

Answer by jyhwkn
Yes this is normal but it would be a good idea to get a hold of your doctor and tell him/her what is going on. Your doctor may give you a lower dose but ultimately it’s up to your doctor. Don’t fret :) Visit www.globalmeddirect.com for all other diabetic needs.

I was recently diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, having trouble with meds?

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diabetes? hyperthyroidism? hypothyroidism? immune deficiency?

May 9
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diabetes? hyperthyroidism? hypothyroidism? immune deficiency?
I have several symptoms that could range anywhere in here and am getting some blood work done. The doctor left me feeling pretty scared and I’m wondering if any one else thinks they might know what this is. I have these symptoms:

stinging in toes and fingers
diarrhea/loose stools
diagnosed bipolar disorder with a tendency to be more depressed than manic
inability to concentrate during certain times

I also just got a horrible allergic reaction that is all over my face and has swollen my eye shut. This may or may not be related. Please let me know what you think!

Answer by Answer Fairy
Doesn’t match any of your suggestions. Sounds to me like you either caught the flu, got food poisoning or are having a bad reaction to your medication.

Answer by Ashley M
Don’t get too worried until you get the answers from the docs and the blood work done. No use in getting yourself all worked up over nothing.

Answer by Cameron B
Diabetes can be hereditary, if someone in your family has an immune deficiency and it was passed on to you the result could be inflicted on your pancreas which could lead to diabetes.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

High blood sugar symptoms

-Drinking lots of water
-Loss of focus
-Blurry vision
-Jittery feeling

Although diabetes is easy to detect, if you have ketones in your urine or very high blood sugar (200+) Doctors can confirm it instantly

Answer by matchTlevel
Hang on for your doctor’s results. I don’t know how bipolar disorder got mixed up in these symptoms, but it is my opinion (not an expert) that sometimes emotional symptoms manifest when the body is ill. Verify that with your doctor. Heard a story about a woman who was diagnosed with a mental disorder, had it for years, until her hypothyroidism was corrected. Moral of the story: definitely insist on thorough physical exam before buying into a mental disorder diagnosis.

diabetes? hyperthyroidism? hypothyroidism? immune deficiency?

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Could I have diabetes?

Mar 17
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nausea diarrhea headache

Could I have diabetes?
I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia a few years ago. I feel like my immune system is really weak -Some of my symptoms as of lately include: boils on my legs that won’t seem to go away…at this point I have nearly 10 of them, all over my legs; frequent urination, diarrhea/nausea, headaches, fatigue even when i’ve had good sleep. I have had frequent heartburn/acid reflux recently (bad enough to where i’d throw up…thought maybe it was a stomach ulcer?) but I don’t think that’s related. I’m just confused what is going on with my body that I constantly feel worn down and just overall yucky. It’s been going on a few weeks with symptoms increasing. I plan to call my doctor within the next few days if i’m not feeling better. My issue with the doctor is that if it’s an infection of sorts, he’ll put me on an antibiotic. Antibiotics have given me the weak immune system I have! I am currently taking some immunity herbals, collodial silver, garlic, etc. Any ideas on what could be wrong, or ideas to “fix” my ailments?
I read boils or sores that take a long time to go away is a symptom of diabetes. That’s what got my mind wondering in the first place. Also, hypoglycemia is a low blood sugar “disease”

Answer by butterflygal291
It doesn’t sound like diabetes. Frequent urination and fatigue are symptoms but you other ones aren’t. Also weight loss is a big symptom of diabetes.

Answer by john e russo md facm faafp
Whenever someone asks ‘is it possible’ the answer will always be ‘anything is possible’. A better question is whether ‘it is probable’ and the answer is no. Your symptoms are not at all suggestive of diabetes. Indeed ‘hypoglycemia’ is the opposite of diabetes and it does not lead to diabetes. You may be correct that your immune system is not working as well as it should but we are really unable to measure immune function in any meaningful way (with the exception of people who have essentially no immune function as may be seen in HIV). You have a wide variety of symptoms which do not indicate a specific diagnosis. You must understand that there are far too many limitations in this forum to diagnose someone. I am sorry to say that the answer to your question will only be obtained after your physician has properly evaluated you. I wish you the very best of health and in all things may God bless.

Answer by John Whittington
colloidal silver. was that given to you by the doctor? if not let’s not take that any more. it might be what is upsetting your stomach. go to the doctor as soon as you can. tell him everything that you have spelled out here. these boils are a serious thing with diabetes. you don’t want to loose your legs do you? your depression can also be treated by your doctor. cinnamon, red peppers, tomato’s and other red vegetables and fruit are good for the blood, as well as rose petals in tea. since your stomach is upset let’s find some dandelion tea, even if you have to make it yourself with fresh dandelions. it has around 52 cell salts in it. anise and fennel are great for an upset stomach. licorice is made from anise.

Could I have diabetes?

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