Which type of hepatitis should i test?

Dec 20
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Which type of hepatitis should i test?

hi..i did sex before 6 months now i think i have hepatitis becz i have a symptoms of Fatigue, Fever, Nausea, Diarrhea, Itching, depresion. i went to pathology lab for testing of hepatitis A,B,C,D,E, they told me what type of hepatitis testing u wants(means IgM antibodies, IgG , etc..) can u tell me please what type should i test ? becz sex is done before 6 months.
what will be the cost for full Hepatitis blood panel,

Answer by TheAimer
You should have a full Hepatitis blood panel, it will test for A, B and C. D is not necessary because if you don’t have B, then you can’t have D, D needs B…and E is rare…The big one to test from sex is B, and if you are a man who has sex with men, or if you are a heterosexual who had anal sex with a member of the opposite sex then C is a possibility because anal sex is traumatic and involves more blood than vaginal sex. Most of the time C is not sexually acquired. A is not either because people don’t carry it chronically. B is the big one to test for from sexual contact. It lives in saliva, and all body fluids (semen, vaginal fluids) and can be acquired from sex. Hep B can clear out of the body from your own immune system in 95% of all cases. 5% unlucky individuals carry it chronically and it can lead to liver cancer and other complications. Make sure you get checked asap. Ask for a full Hepatitis blood panel, which includes IGM and IGG.

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We say regardless of more or less risk factors, everyone should do a complete hepatitis panel.

A, B, and C

Simple testing ie, a liver panel will not conclude much information or correct diagnostics due to the issue that with HCV, the alt and ast levels can be normal, yet you can still be infected.


A hepatitis panel is a must. (everyone should have a complete hep panel test once a year).

Which type of hepatitis should i test?

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Nausea, diarrhea, weight loss in Hepatitis C? Does it mean, it’s getting worse?? Please help!?

Mar 26
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Nausea, diarrhea, weight loss in Hepatitis C? Does it mean, it’s getting worse?? Please help!?
My father had Hepatitis C, i think u would say it “chronic” because he had it for years. He told me that since the last wednesday (Dec 16), everytime he eats, he feels nauseated, but no vomitting. And he also had quite severe diarrhea. People said that he looks thinner, so i think that he lost some weight. (I’m in college out of town, so i didnt have much chance to meet my father)

Please tell me what do those signs mean? Is it mean that his Hep C getting worse, like progressing to cirrhosis or something? Does it have any relation to the fact that for the last weeks he kinda works hard so he got tired easily?

I’m really worried, so your help means a lot to me, thank u very much!

Answer by Suzan K
There is a new kind of flu-like sickness that give these symptoms. I work in a nursing home and many elderlies and staff members got it for 2-3days. It was the disease of the month or the season. Now everything is normal. Nobody suffers any more. If your father had got hepatitis C long time ago, his symptoms would not be related to hepatitis C.
As his liver was not in a real good condition, his present symptoms were accentuated, and I guess it was this season’s sickness.
Let him have Vit C for 10 days, and be on a liver diet, avoiding fats, and drinking natural juices, and having purees and ricotta cheese..

Answer by Baa Baa
I’m going to give you the right answer. The right answer is that there is no answer from anyone on here that would mean much of anything because there is just not enough information regarding your fathers health condition. It could be hep C or it could be at least a hundred other things. Nausea and diarrhea really doesn’t give much to really pinpoint anything with any accuracy since that comes with so many medical conditions.

Your father needs further testing and certainly some blood work done to try and find out what is going on. It could be anything from a little virus to having malignant cancer. Sorry I cannot help you, but please don’t think anyone else on here is going to give you anything better. It would be just a guess on their part and nothing else. Why worry needlessly when someone tells you it’s something really bad when they really don’t have a clue as to what is going on. Save yourself the needless worry and grief. Let him go to the doctor and see what he/she says about it after testing is done.

Answer by YnY
Hepatitis carrier needs a lot of rest as the liver is always being affected/attacked by the virus.
Nausea is a common sign.
Does your father go for a check up monitoring his condition every 6 months?(recommended by the specialist)
I would suggest a liver DNA virus load test.
Is he undergoing any medication?
Sudden weight lost is a sign that one should not be ignore especially
someone like him.
Did he go for oultrasound scan or CT scan or liver biopsy?
I went through all that before now under medication.
These are the MUST for checking the liver condition.
Rest and a thorough check up is needed for him.

I hope this help.
Good luck.

Nausea, diarrhea, weight loss in Hepatitis C? Does it mean, it’s getting worse?? Please help!?

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