Should I talk to my doctor about being Hospitalized?
Im 16 and for the last 3 months i have been very ill. With nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramping, very intense headache, and back pain. Ive been to my doctor countless times. And the ER 5 times. Twice in the last week. I was in last monday for vomiting blood, and then again friday for pain of my head and back. Monday they did nothing but run tests which all came out normal and sent me home. Friday they gave me a shot of demerol and it didn’t kill the pain. So they gave me a shot of something else that made me spaz out. And sent me home. I have a doctors appointment today. Should I talk to her about admiting me to the hospital? They’ve already ruled out stomach flu, food poisoning, IBS, Stress, Depression, Celiacs (wheat intolernce) , Galbladder, and thyroid. Im extremely frustrated. And some of my friends and family are starting to think its all in my head. But I know its not. What should I do? Thank You

Answer by loveless
If you think your sick than go see your doctor.

Answer by hecla 1
sure, you can talk to him about it, however, in the hospital they would do the same thing….run tests. At this point you do not have any condition or disease process to treat. Also, your parents would have to agree to anything like this being that you are only 16.

Answer by missy
Sounds to me they have done many test to see whats wrong, good that all those problems have been ruled out. On the other hand your still experiencing some problems, vomiting isnt in your head if thats what your doing so dont worry about what other people think. unfortunetly you cant suggest your doctor admit you to the hospital thats at his disgression. You can say to him, I know you have done test and you dont know whats wrong, would you please recommend a specialist that I could go to.? This might help, good luck.

Answer by prettymommy0209
is there a chance u could b pregnant?

Answer by Paul’s Next Wife
I think when you are talking with your doctor, you need to give her a complete list of all your symptoms, what time of day they hit you, & how intense it all is. You can’t just tell your doctor to put you in the hospital for testing; she needs to see for herself that this is necessary. You may be referred on to a different specialist than you’ve seen so far. Perhaps you need to see a type of doctor you haven’t seen yet for more tests…tell her you want to keep trying to figure out what is wrong. Give as many FACTS as possible, and try not to tell her rambling stories about your health. Keep the things you tell her concise, to the point. I wish you would have put what specialists you’ve seen so far, so maybe people could give you a clue about where to look next. Good luck. I know it’s very frustrating when you know there is something wrong with you, but no one can figure out exactly what it is. Been there.

Answer by rk s
Definitely it is a wise descion to get admitted to the hospital.Explain your agony to the doctor and your health concern to get well soon and request her to admit you and to keep you under their supervision in order to diagnose the root cause for all the problems.There are many more things like stomach ulcers or tuberculosis which need to be looked into.Once in hospital,they will take you more seriously and finally you will come out smiling.

Should I talk to my doctor about being Hospitalized?

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