I hit my head a while ago, and it still hurts. Possible brain abscess? Something else?

Apr 7
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I hit my head a while ago, and it still hurts. Possible brain abscess? Something else?
I was getting out of a bathroom stall at my school, and I hit my head on the lock. Hard. Soon afterwards, it caused a big bump, which healed after a few days.

But the site of impact still hurts, and I get headaches every morning and occasional diarrhea. It might be due to my lack of sleep (I get about 6-8 hours of sleep a night) or the fact that I do 1 hour-1 hr 45 min of exercise a day, but I even get headaches throughout the day sometimes. I get very tired throughout the day as well, and my attention has been wandering about more easily than usual. I can still do schoolwork and concentrate on school, though, for the most part. I haven’t gotten any fevers, nausea, or vomiting, but I have gotten diarrhea and abdominal pain occasionally, even though I have a high-fiber diet.

I bumped my head the same day the first Haitian earthquake occured, and these symptoms are still going on.

There’s a few things I am thinking this could be. I’m thinking it might be a healing skull fracture, or maybe even a brain abscess, or both. I don’t think it’s a tumor, though, because my anatomy/physiology honors textbook gives symptoms that don’t appear to be like the ones I have.

What could this possibly mean? I’m getting a little worried, and I could sure use some help!! Thanks!!
Also, there are times when just the whole top of my head or the site of impact (the upper right corner of my head) hurts. There are even times when there’s minor pain spasms from the site of impact. I also have a large tooth cavity somewhere in my upper right teeth that almost (if it hasn’t done so already) reaches a nerve. Does that have anything to do with my headaches or does it worsen my head injury?

I hit my head a while ago, and it still hurts. Possible brain abscess? Something else?

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My low back hurts after I eat?

Jan 25
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My low back hurts after I eat?
I have been ill for about 3 weeks now. Intermittent nausea and dizziness. Diarrhea on and off, this usually lasts a couple days at a time. Also lower abdominal pain. I’m convinced this isn’t just a virus. My back has now started hurting after I eat or even drink a large amount of fluid. Anybody know what it could be?
I did make an appointment to see my Family Physician but it’s not until late next week.

Answer by Human Helper
Seek help. You could have IBS, (irritable bowel syndrome). It is very common and you need to know how to treat it, to prevent further attacks.

Answer by Lexie Z
period on its way i think

Answer by ldyjsmyn
sounds like you have irritable bowel syndrome.. It could be a virus as well one that is just hanging around because it wasn’t treated.. Good luck.

Here a link with information:

Answer by joy4joy
i think your dot is on its way (if you dont have it yet that is)

My low back hurts after I eat?

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Stomach pain, hurts to touch, diarrhea – how long should I wait?

Oct 16
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Stomach pain, hurts to touch, diarrhea – how long should I wait?
I went to bed with a stomach ache, woke up to cramping pain, diarrhea, nausea, belching, roiling stomach (feels like gas), no or low fever, vomited once (mostly bile, some of last meal from 14 hrs ago), small amount of gas passed, and stomach that hurts to touch. Pain is centered around belly button, but has diffused everywhere.

I feel like I was punched in the gut and the pain isn’t going away.

Any experts with a course of action as far as seeking treatment or a timeline to wait it out? I have no insurance, so I’m in no rush to get to the hospital – other than emergency care.

Answer by snapper
This type of pain could be a surgical issue. I’d go to the ER. Even if you don’t have insurance, chances are that they will rule in or out a surgical emergency- if it is, they will treat you even if you have no insurance.

don’t wait too much longer. don’t want to scare you, but if something perforates, it will become a life or death issue

Stomach pain, hurts to touch, diarrhea – how long should I wait?

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My stomach hurts days after drinking?

Sep 24
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My stomach hurts days after drinking?
I got relatively drunk Saturday night (4 days ago). I drank mostly margaritas (tequila) and beer. I woke up that night with diarrhea, rapid heartbeat, and nausea. The next day it was a little better, but still diarrhea and nausea. I’ve had these same symptoms for the past few days and it is getting slightly better each day, but definitely still going on. My stomach hurts the worst after I eat. Is this normal? Any recommendations? Thanks!

Answer by Annonymous Man
this is because your stomach made a lot of stomach acid in response to the alcohol, this burned your stomach linen when it wasn’t able to be digested giving you the symptoms. it’ll go away soon

Answer by Debbie
You can get pancreatitis from drinking too much. When you aggravate the pancreas you need to rest it by not eating or drinking anything. You might want to google this condition because it sounds exactly like a mild case. My daughter suffers from pancreatitis and has been hospitalized 7 times from it although her case is due to genetic mutations. Believe me when I say that you should be careful because if it gets worse you could be hospitalized for a week from it. It is a horrible thing to go through. Best of luck to you.

Answer by tod m
drink milk and eat some bland food like macaroni and cheese.

My stomach hurts days after drinking?

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please help diagnose me… i am very ill and my stomach hurts, i have nausea, fever, no appetite, weak, etc…

Aug 9
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nausea diarrhea

please help diagnose me… i am very ill and my stomach hurts, i have nausea, fever, no appetite, weak, etc…
hello. i’m a 22 year old male who has an unknown illness. this has been going on for 2 days. last week i had strong symtoms of irritable bowel syndrom (uncontrollable diarrhea) and lots of bloating. starting yesterday morning, my fever went as high as 104, i had diarrhea again (this time it was pretty much liquid, no stools) and i had to go every 10 to 15 minutes or so. today, my fever went down but now i have a strong case of liquid diarrhea, nausea (walking makes me wanna throw up, upset stomach, and i have no appetite to eat anything. i took advil yesterday which im guessing helped my fever and pepto bismo seems to not help my upset stomach (IBS). all my vitamins and minerals are flushing out and i’m weak typing this. can anyone please diagnose me? should i get checked in? i don’t feel that it’s a medical emergency just yet, but please advise me; it’s the worst i’ve felt in a long time, probably the worst. i’ve been laying down for 2 days and still feel just as bad. thank you!
another thing, im starving but my absent appetite makes me not want to eat. in fact, the smell of most foods makes me wanna throw up. i try to drink water which tastes really bitter to me right now but i’m doing my best to stay hydrated
mcp, im just seeking advice to see if what im going through is common. it doesnt feel serious enough for me to waste a few hundred bucks for a doctor to tell me something that someone on here knows. im far from ignorant, in this case, im being extremely vigilant on my matter. thanks to everyone else for providing tips :)
taylor, anorexic? no, im 185 pounds and 5’11. a lot of people envy my frame and ideal measurements, that can’t be it. not bragging, just setting u straight. at least u show some concern, thanks 4 the advice
wow excellent advice and possible diagnoses from everyone. thank u all so much! this is priceless!!!!!!!

Answer by mcp
why would you ask us to diagnose you? go see a doctor. you are sick and will probably get worse if you are not treated. You surely can not be that ignorant.

Answer by Marina
There is a NASTY stomach bug going around right now, and it sounds like you’ve come down with it. Keep taking the Advil to control your fever, Pepto to help your tummy, stay as hydrated as possible and try some dry toast only when your stomach feels settlled enough to eat it. This particular bug lasts anywhere from 2-7 days! Two of my friends have it right now, and a cousin of mine had it last week. I know it is absolutely terrible and I feel for you! If you’re not any in 24 hours, I would see a medial professional—you don’t want to dehydrate!

Answer by irishgirl
It sounds serious! Go to the emergency room and get some help!


Answer by Somebodytoleanon
Even if it is just the flu, you still need to get to a doctor. It could be a bacterial infection though so you need to go anyways.
Hope you feel better! : )

Answer by Taylor S
go to the ER you moron!! and from a glance it appears as though your anorexic but your not as it would appear. pepto is a laxative you idiot thats the cause up your diarrhea and why you can stop crapping! you should TRY and eat something that way you don’t faint. oh and get to the damn ER!!

Answer by luvahleyme003@sbcglobal.net
i would definitely recommend going to the hospital…. doesnt sound like youre getting any better.

go to this website to check your symptoms…they’ll ask more specific questions and provide a better answer than i can:


feel better, and seek help. dont drive, get someone to drive you.

Answer by victimofheartx3
i had something similar this past summer – but i was actual vomiting to the point that i had nothing left to throw up and was dry-heaving. it sounds to me like the stomach flu. you need fluids. once you’re over the sickness, you’ll still feel bad if you’re dehydrated. try taking dramamine. that’s what my mom gave me. antihistamines are supposed to stop vomiting, which will help you hold down fluids. have soup if you can handle it – the smell might make you nauseated, but it could help your stomach. what i did was this:

got pretty much naked because of the fever, and laid with my head up in case i felt the need to vomit. put a cold wet washcloth on my forehead and kept a bag of ice on my stomach. i was drifting in and out of consciousness because i was so weak. i had a towel under me, because eventually i couldn’t make it to the bathroom in time. (i know that sounds really gross) took one dramamine. it made me sleepy. had bottled water nearby and drank a lot of it after the dramamine. laid on my side with arm stretched over to the other edge of the bed. slept as much as possible. stomach started to cramp eventually, so i had my mom microwave some heating pad thing we have (a towel would work too i’m guessing) and i put that on my stomach. taking baths is a bad idea. i puked every time i got out.

i mean, i was so sick that even watching tv made me wanna puke. but within probably 3 days i was better, aside from being dehydrated. now i was stupid there. you know those big evian bottles? i drank four of them. too much. i also had chicken strips that day. eventually puked it all up, but once i was done with that, i was fine.

i’d say it’s not a medical emergency. if it lasts more than two more days, call your doctor. and keep your fever down. that’s really high. if you start feeling any worse at all, you might want to get checked out. i could be completely wrong about the stomach flu diagnosis. i’m not a doctor, obviously. hope you feel better soon dude.

Answer by MellyG
You really need to be seen by a Gastroenterologist. I have had some of these same symptoms and it is miserable! The thing that concerns me is the fever. You need to have blood test to make sure that you do not have inflammatory bowel disease (Crohn’s Disease). I experienced the symptoms that you spoke for over two weeks! I have lost 10 pounds! Eating and drinking is difficult but you have to. So, try adding a little bit of lemon juice to your water it does help as long as it is cold. Try drinking a few sips at a time. The only thing that I could handle eating is chicken noodle soup so maybe you can try this. When I finally got an appointment with my Gastroenterologist I was put on a medication called Bentyl which helped control the stomach spasm that I have. In addition, I was scheduled to take a breath test which detected that I have bacterial overgrowth in my intestine. (SIBO) This condition is known to cause the symptoms that I was experiences. I am also Lactose and Fructose intolerant which also complicates the problem. Nevertheless, I was given an antibiotic and protobiotics that I will need to take for the next couple of months to help with this problem. This could be what you are also experiences but the only way to know for sure is to have your symptoms properly evaluated.

Answer by lorijean23
Have you been on antibiotics or in a hospital lately? If you have google C. Difficile. It is a superbug usually caused by a nosocomial (hospital aquired) infection, or the use of antibiotics.

Answer by pam-i-am
Wow, sounds like you have the stomach flu bad! (which would include the intestine part too). You are feeling weak due to the fever – be sure to take some tylenol or ibuprofin for that. And to keep yourself out of the emergency room – get as much fluid back into your body as you can to keep from being deydrated. Eat jello (they have it pre-made in stores), sprite, water, some crackers maybe. Even if you throw them up – get fluids!

This is likely a virus and will pass in another day or two. Call a doctor if it doesn’t.

please help diagnose me… i am very ill and my stomach hurts, i have nausea, fever, no appetite, weak, etc…

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