please help im tired of hurting soo bad?

Jun 14
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please help im tired of hurting soo bad?
can someone give me a hand here please !!!!?
ok so all this has been going on since my gal bladder surgery in Aug 2009. i was healthy up until a month before i had to have the emergency surgery. i still continue to eat a healthy diet or what i can keep down at least. i really could use some help here. Also if this matters i have several ovarian cyst on both ovaries, and i had an appendectomy in Aug 2008. so here’s what been going on What has been going on since the gallbladder surgery in August 2009:

- headache/ migraine (s)
- blurred vision
- numbness/tingling in arms and legs (at times)
- chills
- fever (not all the time)
- abdominal pain
o upper Left
o lower Left and Right
- dizzy spells
- weak
- chest pain (at times)
- trouble walking (at times)
- diarrhea
- change in bowel habits
o color change…. Yellow, orange, burgundy
- dark urine
- loss of appetite
- back pain
o upper and lower back
- nights sweats
- weight loss ( unintentional )
- hair loss
- shaky
- tires quickly
- feeling faint when standing up
- general muscle pains
- constipation ( at times)
- nausea
- vomiting (usually 30 mins to an hour after a meal )

PLEASE ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATFUL… i have been going from doctor to doctor i have had to go to the ER several times due to the pain. and everytime i go to the ER they do bloodwork and always several of my levels are elivated if that means anything… i have had CT’s, and ultrasounds done nothing major has come back

Answer by samanthaxox
sometimes, the migraine will cause many of these symptoms, it could just mean you get really bad ones.
- vomiting
- tires quickly
- feeling faint when standing up
- loss of appetite
headache/ migraine
- blurred vision
- numbness/tingling in arms and legs (at times)
- chills
- fever (not all the time)
- nights sweats

you may be anemic too. also if you smoke cigarettes, this could bring on migraines and manyyy of these symptoms.

Answer by Charlie R
There’s something called “noncalculous biliary pain” which is pain from the biliary tree of the liver that occurs after the gallbladder has been removed because of stones. Sometimes this is because of sphincter of oddi dysfuntion or increased pressure in the sphincter of oddi. If your cystic duct is dialated, it can be a sign of biliary stones (stones forming in the liver where bile is released – the biliary tree).

Also without the gallbladder, you may have trouble breaking down fats. This causes the dry skin hair etc. You not eating or absorbing can cause dizzyness and the fats that aren’t broken down can cause the change in bowel habits. This is especially true because many nutrients need fat to synthesize them – and by the way!you prolly need a vitamin d supplement. It is fat soluble and some of the symptoms you describe-aches and stuff- can be from lack of vitamin d. Get a blood test or just take a daily supplement. Blood pressure problems post-op and or blood sugar problems from not absorbing nutrients can cause the dizziness/blurred vision. I believe the pain is coming across the abdomen from the liver to the pancreas – which makes me think that stones are still forming but instead of accumulating in the gallbladder, they go directly from the liver across to the pancreas. (right to left across the abdomen)

The liver does lots of things: it synthesizes hormones, filters the blood, makes new blood cells etc When it is required to produce bile without the storage support from the gallbladder, it gets colic-y. I think these demands take a long time for the liver to adjust to – so it will take some patience and trial/error on your part to figure things out.

I had the same problems after my cholecystectomy and I’m a MD and yet eveyone was BAFFLED by it. If you are a young woman, which it sounds like you are, the estrogen dominance is partly the reason you devoped gallstones (estrogen&cholesterol=stones) and it causes ovarian cysts and polycystic ovarian disease.

But to answer your question about the pain and other issues post-op, I think that it takes a while for the body to get used to not having a gallbladder. I also think the gallbladder is more essenial than medicine says – it probably signals the stomach that it is full and affects emptying and other things. Furthermore, the ERCP or MRCP is higher risk for young women and don’t have one unless you have to do so (it is a diagnostic procedure – know the risks, especially for young women and use your judgement. I can’t say when it would be right for you that’s a personal decision. ). I admit that the while experience was super frustrating for me – I am and have been vegan for most of my life, slim, etc. I do know that eating fat is a component. I also strongly suspect that even without a gallbladder the same mechanism that caused stone formation remains unchanged – the estrogen and cholesterol synthesis. Therefore, the stones are probably developig in the biliary tree and causing inflammation/infection and right side pain in the back /abdomen. My liver function also was affected post-op. I easily jaundice and cannot take Tylenol NSAIDs or even most antibiotics without major complications – this was not the case pre-op I also develped serious , severe reactions to foods and medications that previously I had no issues with. So again, I think the gallbladder is more vital than expected and that removing it doesn’t stop stone formations elsewhere in the liver. That’s a possible explanation for fever, and cardiac signs you may experience, along with the GI and other symptoms.

Ultimately, a very low fat , plant based diet does help A LOT. It also helps stop ovarian cysts. By very low fat I mean less than 10% calories from fat and a vegan diet sans dairy, meat and other animal products. Also, this is a good way to eat for your heart and everything else too.

Good luck

Sorry that the surgery didn’t help :( I’m right there with you

Answer by Doctor J
Hi Sam. I had my gallbladder removed 4 weeks ago today. Healing has been slower than I would have hoped for, so I can appreciate your issues.

First, with all of your health issues (gallbladder, appendix, ovarian cysts) you need to get honest – you have NOT been healthy.

Next, I will assume your doctors have repeatedly ruled-out an infection as the cause of your ongoing symptoms.

I will assume they have NOT ruled out (tested for) a leaky gut and/or intestinal dysbiosis as the cause of your symptoms. Surgery is extremely stressful to the body, especially to the gastrointestinal tract. Post -surgery, the gut undergoes dramatic reactions that often induce a leaky gut (intestinal hyperpermeability). Knowledgeable surgeons prescribe Glutamine post surgically to help the gut heal and prevent the development of a leaky gut. My surgeon did not mention this treatment, but because of my training in nutrition I have the knowledge on my own.

You were probably given a powerful antibiotic before (or even after surgery). These antibiotics destroy the healthy organisms living in your gut (commensal microbiota) and can lead to an overgrowth of toxic/pathological organisms – a condition called dysbiosis. There is a LARGE body of scientific research on this subject, but most medical doctors remain unaware of the issue.

Other issues that may be contributing to your overall health issues, and that may be contributing to and/or aggravating some of your post-surgical symptoms include:

1) nutritional deficiencies

2) food allergies/intolerances

3) adrenal insufficiency

4) a previously hidden case of Celiac Disease (medical docs rarely diagnose this common condition).

It might be wise to find a health care professional properly trained in nutrition and environmental medicine to help you explore the issues I have suggested above.

Best wishes and good luck.

p.s. I am a retired Chiropractor. Charlie the M.D. gave you an excellent response from the medical perspective. I will assume the medical issues he has discussed have been evaluated by your medical doctors, but if they haven’t done so, his insights may be useful for you too.

Answer by John
Migraines was in myself. Here I can find exit

Answer by Jason
like always i think you are a fraud- you changed the way you ask this question and do it over and over again- you have menopuase get over it- my wife has all those symptoms- see a OBGYN and stop asking the same question 20 times-

women are known to get menopause in their 30′s also- my mother in law was in her early 30′s when she got it

you are seeing the wrong doctors which is why they have no idea what you have

vertigo/dizziness is a part of menpuase and so are all the other symptoms- never say you are too young for menopuase because there are women in their 20′s who also get it

also as a woman getting your gall bladder out can change your hormones around too

and sorry to say that after gallbladder surgery those symptoms can last for years- i know personally- nothing new there

please help im tired of hurting soo bad?

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Nausea, Feeling hot, Tired, Weak…What’s wrong with me?!?

Jan 23
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vomiting nausea diarrhea

Nausea, Feeling hot, Tired, Weak…What’s wrong with me?!?
I started feeling weird at work monday, so I decided to go home and rest.All of a sudden, I got diarrhea, I was vomiting, and I was very tired and weak. I missed 2 days of work, and just yesterday I felt 100% better. This morning I woke up with the same symptoms once again, that I was experiencing monday. I don’t know if this has anything to do with it, but I just finished taking the antibiotic “Flagyl” saturday night. I’m not sure if it is still in my body or not, but I feel crappy. Any ideas?

Answer by SG

Nausea, Feeling hot, Tired, Weak…What’s wrong with me?!?

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tired, nausea, sluggish.. and more.?

Jan 10
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vomiting nausea diarrhea

tired, nausea, sluggish.. and more.?
Hi, here’s what’s happening:
I was camping and I did not sleep well last week in it’s entirety. This last week I’m back in my own bed sleeping great- actually better than usual. Since last week, I had two 12 hour nights of sleep and the around 8-9 hours the rest of the nights, so I should feel more rested than I do. I wake up feeling like I could sleep another 2-3 hours. Usually, I feel awake after my morning shower; lately, I’m not even that alert by noon. I’m just feeling sluggish. I’m not feeling as though I don’t want to get out of bed at all, however I do feel like I want to spend the evenings after work on my couch doing nothing but watching TV.

I have issues with my birth control pill. If I do not eat within 3-4 hours of taking it, I sometimes get a mild, sometimes moderate nausea spell that passes within 4-5 minutes. 6 days ago, I had just finished dinner and a severe bout of nausea hit me, I was close to vomiting, but held myself back as I was in a public area that didn’t have restrooms closeby. I felt like I had gastroenteritis. I went home and the nausea lessened to mild within about a half hour, but left me feeling drained, and cold. I fell asleep for 2 hours after a hot bath. This is when the feeling of being tired started and hasn’t really let up since.

I have had irregular bowels the last week, attributed to mild diarrhea. I woke up with what felt like mentstrual cramps yesterday morning. I’m taking birth control and not due for my period until mid-next week. I woke up yesterday morning to find what looked like a dark spot of blood in my underwear. I haven’t had the cramping since and there haven’t been any more spots of blood. I had a regular period last month. I took two birth control pills in one day last month (though I had missed one) which left me short one pill on the very last day of the pack.

Any one have any suggestions as to what might be going on…. I’m planning to visit my doctor next week if this doesn’t subside.

Answer by Only God can judge.
you may have infectious mononucleosis.

tired, nausea, sluggish.. and more.?

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I’ve been very, very tired lately, and…..?

Oct 31
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I’ve been very, very tired lately, and…..?
sometimes i have trouble focusing my eyes or have blurry vision…also have been having a lot of nausea & stomach upset & diarrhea and more frequent headaches than usual. I want to believe it’s stress ( i get stressed out very easily) but i also always worry that something is really wrong…im only 23, i feel as thought i should not be as exhausted as i am as often as I am. Do these symptoms sound like anything in particular?
Definitely not pregnant…I’m in a long-term, comitted relationship…with a woman.

I guess I just get scared because my little brother went through hell battling cancer, and I’m always afraid something like that will happen to me.

I’m most likely stressed out because I’m kind of lost in life…but knowing that doesn’t make it feel any better…

Answer by soonerbelle71
Sounds like you are pregnant…is it possible? You will get very tired, sick at your stomach, and could affect your vision. Check it out sweetie and good luck.

Answer by Spoiled
Sounds like you are pregnant!!!!

Answer by Sarah
Guess u could be pregnant but u should really be asking this question to your doctor.

I sometimes thinks somethings wrong with me, and i just pray to god when i feel that way..

Few months ago i would get really sick and weak and dizzy, i felt like i was gonna die. I would get really scared and then my heart would start beating faster and i’d end up having a panic attack…and i would pray n pray and be soo damn scared that i have never been so scared in my life b-4 ..anyways the lord would take care of me..

Answer by misyou737
first it sounds like you are dehydrated and need to drink plain water not other drinks that mostly dehydrate you.but also your possibly worried about something. stress effects somepeople with diarrea . if your are brave cut up a skinned clove of garlic finely and swollow quickly with a 1/4 glass of milk repeat 1/2hourly for 2 hours until the diarhea settles down also try getting a quiet place and praying to Jesus

Answer by jessezgl_2005
Have you had your eyes checked lately. Bad vision can cause the blurry vision, headaches and the nausea. As for being tired and the diarrhea that could be unrelated and just being stressed or depressed. winter depression is fairly common because the skies are grey and gloomy and the lack of sunshine. could also be your diet.
good luck

Answer by lilshrtcke2001
go to the Dr. and get a C.A.T Scan make sure you have nothing going on there. could be a tumor

I’ve been very, very tired lately, and…..?

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why am I always so tired?

Aug 26
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why am I always so tired?
So It has been a while since this has been going on, first I started off with always having phlegm in my throat to having a really bad fever then nausea vomiting and diarrhea. then it was like I got the flu or something but I didn’t.then its like I couldn’t ever get comfortable laying down or sitting up then I started getting lower back pain then pain in my left side on the front, also kidney pain, I have been getting really dizzy felling like I am going to pass out I have a dry mouth and I am always thirsty I can barely think straight some times its like the room is spinning and sometimes everything gets blurry, I don’t have any energy during the day, I still am getting most of these symptoms. I don’t know what is causing this.

Answer by gchild
I think you are just dehydrated. Drink some gatorade eat something light like crackers and fruits. Take your Vitamins. Relax and if you are still sick then go to the Dr. Good Luck.

Answer by ozzieamy
this sounds more medical than mental. See a doctor and tell them what’s happening to you

Answer by Erik
sounds like low blood pressure. visit a doctor next week.

Answer by Paraiba Blue
If you are in the US and have no money for a doctor, this web site may be of some help………..

Answer by jennastanis
It could be glandular fever, it is really hard to shake off and can leave you with fatigue even when the flu like symptoms have gone. Maybe a doctor could give you medication for it, if it is, hope you feel better soon!

Answer by The Queen
see your gp

why am I always so tired?

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Thoughts? Stomach pain, weak, diarrhea, tired, fever, no appetite…second time around!?

May 1
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nausea diarrhea headache

Thoughts? Stomach pain, weak, diarrhea, tired, fever, no appetite…second time around!?
Hey yahoo friends,
I was wondering if anyone had any idea as to what it might be. This is the second time I’ve had this in less than a month. I started feeling sick very suddenly. Woke up very nauseas. Hot and cold stages. I threw up and had horrible diarrhea. I then started shaking uncontrollably when I went to school to take a test (had to take it). I needed a water bottle by my side at all times. My stomach was horribly loud with churns and gurgles. I mean LOUD! Diarrhea would not stop. Couldn’t eat anything but knew I was hungry. Only had broth for a day or two then tried solid foods, which threw me way back and I was even worse. Doc gave me meds for diarrhea. It lasted about four days. A few weeks later (now) I woke up feeling the same way. No appetite, diarrhea, nausea, very very weak, very tired. The only thing that was different was that I got a fever (101 degrees). I couldn’t eat anything, not even broth. For some reason, I was able to keep yogurt down a little later. I felt better in the morning. But then it came right back. Now I can hardly stand, can’t lift anything, my stomach really hurts (dull all over pain). I have headaches too.

Is it the same thing? Any ideas? Is it just the flu coming back? Also…I’ve been under a ton of stress…just got married, work and school full time etc. Could that contribute? I don’t want to pay a bunch for another doctor visit if its the same thing.

Answer by Erin H
it sounds like either the flu or a stomach virus..its going around right now.

Answer by opj62
Sounds like the flu but it the fever persists then I would seek medical advice from you doctor or go to a walk in Clinic

Answer by Ka W
idk, doesn’t sound good ! it sounds like ur getting worse, go to a different doctor hope u get better :D when u feel like eating again try cottage cheese or a pear better

Thoughts? Stomach pain, weak, diarrhea, tired, fever, no appetite…second time around!?

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