What is wrong with me?

Sep 7
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nausea diarrhea headache

What is wrong with me?
Hello. For the past 24 hours I have been experiencing sharp stabbing pain in the upper abdomen. There’s swelling along the right side as well. The pain extends down the right side of my stomach. There’s slight, dull discomfort in the vaginal area. I’ve also had headaches, light-headedness and fatigue. I cannot stand up straight, when I stand up I have to hunch over because of the pain. I’m a 27 year old female with an Mirena IUD. I was wondering if these are the symptoms of ectopic pregnancy, or if I should consider other problems. I do not have fever, nausea, diarrhea, vomitting, or vaginal bleeding.

PS I cannot go to a doctor in the next 24 hours, that is why currently I need some pro help.

Answer by sundragonjess
I answered your other question, but I was thinking, do you think it could be a kidney stone? Is it on your side?

What is wrong with me?

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What is wrong with me?

Sep 6
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What is wrong with me?
I’m a 15 year old female and have been very sick for almost 2 years now. I have been through tons of blood, urine, and stool tests. Endoscopy/colonoscopy, abdominal ct, upper gi, and sweat test. Since I have taken some turns for the worse my gi doctor is repeating the endoscopy/colonoscopy along with a capsule endoscopy. I have also been psychologically cleared and it’s not a nerve problem.
Here are my symptoms ~
* severe abdominal and stomach pain (2 years off and on for 5 years)
* severe nausea (5 years)
* severe weight loss (now controlled by night time ng feeds)
* night fevers (1 year)
* bad headaches when I wake up (6 months)
* diarrhea 20 times a day (now constipated since tube feeds started but comes back when off them. 2 years)
* severe rectal bleeding even in my pants (last few weeks)
* vision loss in right eye when I wake up (last couple weeks)
* fatigue (2 years)
* dizziness (this past week)
* joint pain (last 6 months)
* mouth ulcers (2 months)

I was diagnosed with crohn’s, then i wasn’t, then i might be again.

Any help is appreciated! Thank you!

Answer by killakatnow

Answer by Clarissa
Oh man, you have all the classic signs of celiac disease. Definitely get tested for that. It’s an autoimmune disease caused by gluten intolerance. It goes away when you cut gluten out of your diet.



What is wrong with me?

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List of symptoms, what is wrong with me?

Aug 27
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vomiting nausea diarrhea

List of symptoms, what is wrong with me?
- Stomach Discomfort 
- Stomach Irritation 
- An “Acid” feeling in the Stomach
- Nausea (No Vomiting)
- Fatigue
- Dark Urination (Dark Yellow and Brown
- Hungriness
- Lack of Appetite

I have no Diarrhea so it can’t be the Norovirus or any other Stomach Bug/Flu.

I had all these symptoms for about a week now. I will see a doctor, but I feel nauseous every time, and I have a fear of vomiting which is preventing me from going to see a doctor :(

anyways, I feel hungry right now, and I don’t know what to eat, I’m afraid whatever I eat, it’s going to make these symptoms worse.

also, will Pepto Bismol work to relieve the symptoms?

Answer by Melius
No one can diagnose you online. Go to a doctor. There is something wrong with you.

Answer by Queenie
For starters, if you are not eating your normal stomach acid has nothing in your stomach to work on but the lining. You should at least start with some toast or soda crackers and see if you can keep that down. I do not see how you can claim lack of appetite and hungriness. It is either one or the other. Dark urine is highly concentrated and you may be dehydrated as well. Drink plenty of fluids and start eating and see what happens. Nausea can also be caused by low blood sugar caused by not eating. You do not know that you are going to vomit until you try eating something.

Answer by Teresa
Conflicting: hungriness and lack of appetite. Sounds like you dont drink enough water.

Answer by Joseph C
U r not eating right. Your body lacks the vitamins & minerals to operate. Fuel.
Without gas the car don’t run.
Causing u fatigue, etcccc…
Acid reflex medicine is available over the counter.
Get your act together before u cause permanent damage. Life was not meant to be self destructive.

List of symptoms, what is wrong with me?

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am i sick? whats wrong with me?

Aug 23
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nausea diarrhea headache

am i sick? whats wrong with me?
i don’t feel good at all. i have an extremely bad headache. i’m so fatigue. and whenever i’m in the site of food, i feel like im going to throw up. my thirst is crazy, all i want to do is drink drink drink. every time i go to the bathroom, i have diarrhea. i’m so dizzy and unstable and my legs get so wobbly and weak whenever i walk. normally, i’m NOTHING like this. all i’ve been drinking is water and one soda a day. i haven’t eatten in three days or i will throw it up. i get so nauseas when i see food since three days ago. i’m only a 14 year old girl….what is it? my dad said it might be an intestinal virus but idk.

Answer by Rue
could be wrong, but i’m pretty sure you’re sick.

Answer by Sandra
You do seem to have an intestinal virus, and it is good that you are drinking water. Dehydration is a problem with diarrhea and vomiting.

This might be a good time to take a bit of Dramamine or Benadryl, which reduce nausea. They also make you sleepy!

You need to have something more than water at this point. Have your dad get you some Gatorade and some Ensure. Add this to what you are drinking. Not having any electrolytes or calories is giving you a headache.

In about 2 days (or even sooner) you should be able to tolerate some cooked rice cereal or even some rice pudding. These are good for recovering from this sort of thing.

Answer by Qwat
I don’t know by the symptoms you can have many different things but, you should be sipping ginger ale or sprite and not drinking it all at once. Eat very light meals. I recommend light grain and bananas.

am i sick? whats wrong with me?

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What’s wrong with me?

Aug 23
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What’s wrong with me?
Hi, my name is Duane and I am seventeen years old. For the past five days i’ve been feeling weird in the stomach area. It started when most of the time I was constipated probably because of an Hemorrhoid, because I did feel one and its still there but it shrunk and I started making stool every so often but as normal as I use to. I always have gas, and get full really quickly, Im worried I might have a tapeworm because im a paranoid person do I? I sometimes I get tired and irritable an also feel hunger a lot, I’ve checked my stool twice and haven’t seen any eggs or segments of the worm but it feels like I have to make stool but when I go and can’t, I haven’t being vomiting or had nausea, my stool doesn’t not look like Diarrhea, and I have not lost any weight just had this never going away feeling in gut and it feels like im bloated is it because im not making stool causing the pain or is it a tapeworm or something else right now im really worried and made an a doctor visit for tomorrow but I don’t wanna go if it just growing pains and im constipated or gas so I thought I asked this thing for the answers. Someone tell me whats wrong with me if you need more detail I could put it .Thanks
I am a boy by the way.

You could have an ulcer. I would go see your doctor now.

Answer by Justme
You might(just saying it’s a possiblility) be pregnant.

Answer by Tickle my Pickle
*flyswatter to the face*

Answer by Gracie
let a piece of ice sit on your tongue until it melts.
and if you have a tapeworm it’ll somehow go up and suck on the ice while its still frozen.
then you remove the ice with the tapeworm.
and if there’s no tapeworm then just go to the doctor.

and to the justme girl above me, HES A GUY. wow…

Answer by layla
could be ibs?? probs not tho…..

Answer by billy
sounds to me like you might have an intolerance to milk or wheat.

try using rice milk instead of cow’s milk and eating less bread.

You should also be drinking lots of water to soften your stools so they don’t make your hemorrhoids worse.

try increasing the amount of fibre you eat from fruit and vegetables so you are more regular and do plenty of exercise so you feel better.

good luck

Answer by reddhotz2000
Go see a doctor. It’s not growing pains. We can’t do stool analysis on Yahoo…NO xray vision here. Hemorrhoids don’t cause constipation, constipation causes hemorrhoids. Have your parent take you to a MD.

Answer by Balgis
awww thats so sad…i’m not good @ this kind of stuff but posibly u do have a tapeworm in u…i’m not sure but that my saying 2 u! i hope u get better and hope i kinda help’t! :)

Answer by (: sǝlnɹɥo
Such complications have only one answer: See your doc ASAP! Someone here might misguide you, and make your problem worse. Please follow my advice!

What’s wrong with me?

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Liver disease? What’s wrong with me?

Aug 11
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nausea diarrhea headache

Liver disease? What’s wrong with me?
2 weeks ago I went off my food and lost 1/2 a stone (I weighed 8stone before). I kept feeling dizzy and sick, and this turned into headaches and feeling like I was about to faint. I was tired all the time and would sleep 10 hours at night and 2 in the day, (I usually sleep about 8 hours). I got diarrhoea, and then about 2 days after got crippling back pain to the point where I can hardly walk and it hasn’t gone any better now. I think its inside my back though, like kidney area?

Anyway I googled my symptoms and it came up with liver disease and these are the symptoms:

I’ve crossed the ones I have:

Headache x
Problem of skin x
Feeling of Dizziness x
Ticks, Spasms and Tremors
Sudden Seizures
Redness and itchiness of eyes x
Short temperedness and constant irritation x
Tension and pain in the back x
Hypochondriac pain x
Loss of flexibility of tendons and ligaments
Depression x
Mood Swings x
Light colouration of stool x
Bloating x
Weight loss x
Appetite loss x
Nausea x

That’s most of them. Can you tell me could I have liver disease? What causes it? And if not what do you think it is?

Answer by abijann
You should get medical attention for any pain like that.
Because you mentioned the lightness of the stool color…
it could be gallstones. The pain would be more to the
front of the body and may go up into the shoulder area.

The bile flows from the liver to the gallbladder, through
tube like structures, known as ducts. When we eat,
the food moves from our esophagus to the stomach and
over to the first part of the intestines, known as the
duodenum. Hormones signal the gallbladder to contract
and the bile moves back into the bile ducts and down
to the intestines to emulsify and digest the fats we
eat. Anything that blocks the flow of this bile can cause
pain. A stone, that has developed in the gallbladder
could move out into these ducts; a growth could of
developed in the ducts, infection can also happen,
or the ducts could be malformed and became
twisted and strictured in nature. An ultrasound or
CT scan would show if it was a problem in this area.
The spleen makes a substance from our dead red
blood cells, known as bilirubin. The liver takes this
bilirubin and converts it into a soluble form to flow
with the bile. Bilirubin is a greenish, yellowish
substance that colors other things. If it doesn’t
reach the intestines, with the bile, it will cause
the lightening of the stools to the point that they
appear almost a whitish gray color and they may
also float upon the toilet water (since the fat is
not emulsified properly).

If the pain is in the back area and moves toward
the back right side from the spinal column over…
then this could be a kidney stone. The pain would
be excrutiating. The pain would start once the stone
left the kidney and it moved into the tubing leading
to the bladder. It is very important that you get
help with the pain. The doctor will do testing to
see where the stone is at and if it is moving or
have become fastened in the tubes. Most time
patients can pass these stones…but sometimes
they can become stuck and can end up damaging
the kidney.

Simple blood testing from the doctor could tell
you so much more.
The liver enzymes and liver function blood tests
would indicate a liver problem.
The creatinine and Bun could indicate a renal
The white blood cells and differential could indicate
an infection.
An ultrasound or Ct scan could evaluate all of this
to see where the problem is.

I hope this is of help to you. If the pain
continues, I would think about going to the
emergency room…if you cannot get ahold of
your doctors office.

Liver disease? What’s wrong with me?

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What’s wrong with me?

Aug 5
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vomiting nausea diarrhea

What’s wrong with me?
I started my period 3 days ago, and I’m still on it. Today, I’ve been experiencing mild diarrhea and nausea.. I haven’t vomited, but I feel like I might, soon.
It started just after breakfast.
Any tips to feel better?

Answer by Eliza
You could go to bed and sleep. Take advil or tylonal too. There really isnt much you can do to stop this but you should rest and just wait for it to be over. If it is unbarably painful, u should go to the doctor. Your problems are not really common, but not rare, so the doctor will tell you what to do if you are really concerend. FEEL BETTER SOON!

Answer by Pringle Licious
• Drink warm tea.
• Don’t eat salty food.
• Hot baths.
• And have you ever heard of heating pads?

Hope you feel better. :) xx

Answer by purplekitty627
This is called dysmennorhea. The reason that you have this is because of the prostaglandins contracting your uterus to expel the blood. I used to get this way, and sometimes I felt like salt or peanuts or anything associated with peanuts triggered it.

Try Midol, but don’t get hooked on using it. Drink water. Maybe drink Pedialite.

What’s wrong with me?

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What’s could be wrong?

Jul 29
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What’s could be wrong?
Last night I ate at a mexican resturant I never have eaten at. At 1 a.m. I was feeling nausea and my stomach was hurting. AT 5 a.m. I woke up with diarrhea and vomiting. I have the chills now too. I also work at a resturant. Could it be a stomach viris or food poisoning? What can I do besides taking Pepto, to help it?

Answer by laurel g
You describe food poisoning. Get to the dr. as fast you are able. When I got it from a restaurant, I was so sick, I couldn’t leave my home! Call your doctor and ask for his ideas, quickly. Food poisoning is really horrible. Remember, you may be the only one affected, if you were with other people. That happens a lot. When I had it, 4 of us had eaten the same foods, and only 3 of us were ill. I really needed a hospital!

Answer by Silver B
Definite food poisioning. Go to the hospital or call your doctor. Most of the time you can get better without anything…but in case there’s more to it, you really need to be seen.

Answer by Sweety S
pls see a doctor immediately. it could be stomache flu. lomotil is good med too. get well soon.

What’s could be wrong?

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I need a doctor or someone who knows what could be wrong with me please! im sick all the time?

Jul 19
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I need a doctor or someone who knows what could be wrong with me please! im sick all the time?
About me: Im 17, a senior this year and suppose to be graduating(im missing so much school tho because of this), im 4’11, and im a girl

What my problem is: Im nauseous allllll the time no matter what, i never feel great or how im suppose to, not extremely nauseous all the time but its always there, when i eat it gets worse, and other triggers such as my period or some of the tests ive been threw with stuff you have to drink or getting a stomach virus will put me in the hospital because i throw up and cant stop till i am given drugs. I also get pain where my liver is.. about 2 and a half months ago i weighed 102 lbs, i have dropped 12 lbs for no reason and i now look anorexic ( I am not anorexic by the way). I have gained 3 lbs back and currently don’t seem to be losing weight right now. If i start losing weight again, theres not much more i can lose. Those are my biggest issues tho…

My Symptoms:

weight loss
pain where my liver is
my heart has moments where it races occasionally
sometimes i get hot for no reason(and my heart will speed up)
occasionally get light headed
back hurts
sometimes neck and right shoulder hurt
feel run down

History/What I have had done:
Last year in October I had my gallbladder out because I would get the same nausea, run down tired feeling I have now and get pain close to the area I have pain now. When they took it out it made me feel much better! they said i had no gall stones, and the only problem they found was that my gallbladder had worked so hard it had tightened up so much and toughened because it worked so hard. So i felt good for about 8 or 9 mnths an now this has started.

I also get the worst! periods, im not sexually active because i have chosen to wait till im older, and have never been checked down there, i am however on birth control, that keeps me out of the hospital every month because i get it so bad. I thought many girls have this problem tho and are also having to take it for the same reason. I do plan on getting checked but could that really have something to do with me being sick?

Anyways in the past month Ive had an
ct scan
mre(the new mri to look at my organs)
stool test
bloodtests for ciliac, and other things
Im having more blood tests tomorrow to check for much much more

Its all embarrassing really but i gotta find out wats wrong and i tried to make it so my information was easy to read, i hope it worked

Please if you are going through the same thing, or your a doctor, or you know what this could be at all please let me know anything, all my results for everything have come back normal, could my liver be the problem? thats where my pain is but its not enflamed or enlarged according to my tests, nothing shows up. I just wana feel good and i dont know what to do. anythings appreciated. thank you

Answer by Jellybean
I don’t think doctors have time to come on Y/A, so I don’t think you will get any replies from them. My goodness with all of the tests you have already had, no one one here could possibly tell you what is wrong if the doctors can’t figure it out. Have you thought about seeing a psychiatrist or someone like that. You really need help. Hope you find something out soon and I hope it is good news and you can get fixed up soon. Hang in there.

Answer by mou jose
i have tested this ebooks http://alturl.com/gbxoy

I need a doctor or someone who knows what could be wrong with me please! im sick all the time?

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Whats wrong with me? super sick…?

Jul 11
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nausea diarrhea headache

Whats wrong with me? super sick…?
For the past like, week, I’ve been constantly nauseas. & also these things:
*super tired.
*weak feeling.

The past 2 or 3 days I’ve had all the above & also,
*loss of appetite.
*my vision sometimes gets blurry.
*i get shaky.(Hands)
*i pee more.
*the nausea has got more severe & I’ve started gagging with it.
*i have to lay down really quick sometimes, otherwise ill feel like I’m about to fall out.
*my sex drive has went WAY down

Today, I’ve had all of the above, and diarrhea.
& some abdominal(ithink) pain.

What’s wrong with me??
Could I be pregnant…? Missed 4 bc pills.
but I still got my period or withdrawal bleed so I’m thinkin I’m not.
Help me out…

Answer by Shelby
You might need to go to the doctors you might be pregant and you could have a very bad flu .. I say go to the doctors

Answer by Idroos M. Nazeer
Taking endless tablets will cause side effects and that is what I heart from the sick peoples who takes pills frequently.

Answer by brat3992
Have you even went to the doctor? Blurry vision is not a symptom of pregnancy. I can’t give you a diagnosis but you should go to the doctor as soon as possible. With all of the symptoms you have, there is a good chance something else may be going on. Let a professional diagnose!
Feel better!

Answer by keshia sonnier
well that could be a possibility because that is exactly how i felt when i got pregnant and nothing i would do helpped take a test to c if that isnt the problem c a doctor

Answer by Blaine
You have the flu. Too late to do take stuff that can reduce symptoms. Drink a LOT of gatorade, get a lot of rest, make your friends check on you twice a day.

Whats wrong with me? super sick…?

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