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Can’t keep down any liquids, vomiting constantly and atomic diarrhea. What should I do?
I am 13, and I have been vomiting a day and a half now. I also have horrible diarrhea. I have been eating crackers, resting, and drinking a lot of water, but, for some odd reason, I have been vomiting it ALL up, even the crackers. I always feel nausea when I stand up and walk around but when I stop I am fine. I have no gag reflex so it is hard to make myself through up, no luck. I was fine yesterday, going through school with no feeling of sickness, but when I get home, BAM, vomiting every thirty minutes, getting no rest at all, and I become so weak that I can barely walk correctly.

I have been drinking Gatorade to get some electrolytes into my system, but I always throw it back up, I have drank lots and lots of water but I always throw it back up as well. My diarrhea occurs around every two times I vomit, which is way better than the ‘every time I vomit I cause an apocalypse in my bathroom’ time. I have taken some aspirin because every time I vomit, there is a excruciating pain in my chest. My neighbor gave me the Gatorade and crackers to help, and she told me it could be food poisoning,which could have been caused by the horrible looking pizza I ate at school(they were supposed to be Italian dunkers but no, the school lies to my face), but it could also be a stomach bug or something, which, has been zooming around my school like crazy. Ex: This week I was riding on the school bus, on my way home, and my friend Megan just threw up, she was sick all day, and she said she had a stomach bug. Another is: My friend Stephanie was staying over at my friend Harley’s house and she got horribly sick, and had to go to the hospital, stomach bug as well. I could most likely have the stomach bug, due to the high chances of getting from school/people I hang around 24/7.

Another thing is, I am still utterly weak, I have grown smaller even though it has been a day and a half of vomiting continuously, I am freezing before vomiting, and when that happens I burn up terribly. I am dehydrated and I have had fatigue all week, I am also very hungry. What could I do to keep my food and drink down? Also, why does my skin feel so sensitive and causes pain when I lay down on my couch or bed? Should I go to the doctor and get an IV so I can stay hydrated?
And why does my chest hurt after vomiting?

Answer by ERIN14
Rest as much as you can!! Take very little sips of sprite!! Sprite should help!! stay worm and just lay on the coutch and watch some t.v with a bowl next to you in-case You vomit again!!

Answer by Chris W
you have the flu. there is no such thing as a stomach bug. Only food poisoning and flus. Nothing that just affects your stomach.

Answer by Chloe
There is no such thing as a “stomach bug” only a virus or flu… it seems highly likely that you have caught it from one of your classmates.. try NOT to drink lots of water, as it will make your poop more runny (causing you to get frequent diarheoa, try to eat dry foods.. avoid fruit. Hope i helped… p.s you need to take a lie down and maybe take a paracetamol or Cuprofen.

Answer by MisMischievous
You said you are 13 right. Where are your parents? I hear some exaggeration here with your “I have grown smaller even though it has been a day and a half of vomiting” since that isn’t possible. No one feels good when they vomit much less have diarrhea, but I don’t think you are dying just yet. Calm down and listen to what your body is telling you. It’s being VERY clear if you will just pay attention. You said it all yourself you just aren’t paying attention and you are trying to force your body to do what you want, while it is trying to take care of you. Your neighbor is probably right because your digestive system is definitely saying “GET THIS STUFF OUT OF ME” and it is trying to do that as fast as it can. This is why you have both the diarrhea & vomiting. So stop fighting it and let it do what it is supposed to do and get rid of whatever it was that you ate or came in contact with that made you sick.

DO NOT take Aspirin with out food as it can cause stomach irritation. That is very, very bad. Take Tylenol instead.

Drink clear liquids in small amounts like gingerale, 7-up, water, tea, anything that is clear (see thru) If the carbonated drinks don’t work you can try letting them go flat and see if that is better. Ice chips will often work if you can’t keep down any liquids.

Stay in bed & rest. If you feel so bad, what else are you going to do any way? Your body needs rest to do all this work. Give it to it. Listen to your body. You will be better off.

Can’t keep down any liquids, vomiting constantly and atomic diarrhea. What should I do?

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