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It’s been two days and I still feel nausea..?
Two days ago, I started traveling by car back home from a nice holiday at sea, but at the same time we were sight seeing as well. We would drive for an hour, get out of the car and go see some towns, and then continue our ride. I was feeling slightly sick the whole day, but I had a Dramamine to ease the nausea. Everything got terrible when we climbed up a steep path for ten minutes, and it was pretty hot outside. When I went back down, I was feeling so terribly sick – nausea, a lil bit of stomach cramps, but mostly complete dizziness and weakness of the whole body. By the end of that day, I thought I was gonna die :/ I couldn’t vomit to help myself, it just didn’t wanna come out, I went to the toilet for number 2 about 3 times that night (no diarrhea, but still, it was a lot in the toilet) and top it off, I was forced to walk through a bunch of people and stay for a mass, too.
I was desperate. I had some Coca Cola, that helped a little, and went to bed that night in a house that didn’t belong to us, but to our relatives.
I woke up in the middle of the night, still feeling sick. I felt sick yesterday too, but it got better by the end of the day. I could finally eat normally.
Just when I thought I was healthy again, this morning I woke up with nausea even worse than yesterday >.<
What can I do? How can I help myself? I think I'm still feeling the nausea because it's been two days of traveling and climbing, walking etc. and my body didn't have time to regenerate itself.
Please help me, I'm desperate! :(

Answer by Deadwaits The third
I would guess that you have some kind of GI infection from contaminated food or water. Something like giardia causes nausea (esp. in the morning) and diarrhea, and the symptoms may come & go. Give it another couple of days, drink plenty of fluids, and if it’s still not better, go to a doctor. Giardia’s pretty easy to treat.

It’s been two days and I still feel nausea..?

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