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nausea/vomiting about once a week..keeps happening?
for about the past month, i’ll randomly get sick to my stomach and just vomit until i’m dry-heaving and vomiting bile. i will throw up anything i put in my stomach during or right after an episode. the only thing i’ve been able to do is smoke some weed to relax my knotted stomach and put me to bed until i feel better.
it only happens about once/twice a week and i cant seem to find any solid patterns as to what may be triggering this. it has happened at all times of day but i will mostly wake up at night or morning feeling pretty violently fevered and nauseous right before the vomiting begins.
diarrhea usually accompanies the vomit, but after a while, turns into just a clear liquid. my appetite has also seriously depleted since this has started happening.
does anyone have any clues as to what might be happening in my body?

Answer by shark
you need to see a Doctor – this could be any number of things

Answer by cowboy in scrubs
My first guess is panic attacks. And the more you worry about this happening, the more it will happen.

Second – it is hard to tell from your avitar if you are male or female, but could you be pregnant?

There are many other pathologies that it could be.

You should really see a doctor. Regardless of the cause, all that acid coming up the wrong way is not good. You need to be seen.

nausea/vomiting about once a week..keeps happening?

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