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Why does eating salad make me sick to my stomach?
I’m changing my eating habits this year, trying to get on a more healthy, less-fatty diet. I’ve introduced lots of fruits and veggies to my diet. I really like salad mixes, the sort that have all kinds of different greens in them. But it seems that at least half the time when I eat a salad, it makes me feel very sick to my stomach with nausea and diarrhea. Occasionally it makes me vomit. I don’t know why this would happen, or why it only happens sometimes. I would really like to be able to eat salads again. Any thoughts?
Thanks for all the information! I buy prewashed salads in cartons from the wholesale store, generally, and eat them within a few days. I have been adding salads and veggies to my diet since December (and lost 30 lbs, yay). The first couple weeks, my stomach was miserable a lot from the change to healthy eating, but now it’s just salad that does it, really. I do eat lots of things besides salad.

I use different dressings/toppings, and there are a couple kinds of mixes that really do me in. I tend to be okay with iceberg lettuce, but what’s the point in eating that?

Answer by Kaitrin C
some people cant eat certain things. Ita a way of life. My friend cant have slupees with out felling crummy.

Answer by medstudent050

Maybe you have allergies to preservatives in vegetables such as sulfites.

Answer by rocker_girl
maybe ur body cant digest it right….

Answer by thomas_afi628
do you use dressing?
you could be allergic to that????

or maybe you just cant digest lettuce

Answer by a lady capricorn
maybe your allergic to some of the greens you are eating. or you might need to see if you have a digestional problem. i have to go, because i cant eat popcorn, almonds etc. make an appointment for digestional problems.

Answer by Jewel J
Maybe you aren’t washing them properly, if at all.

Answer by Evilest_Wendy
You may be allergic to one of the greens or lettuce. Try eating only one kind of green or lettuce at a time and see if one in particular makes you ill.

Answer by Itachis.eyes
some kind of allergic reaction to the salad or the dressing, or maybe some kind of food poisoning from old salad

Answer by biziaka
alergic to any foods? could be the dressing. try changing veggies and dressing until you find out which one you are not agreeing with. my bf gets sick from avocados so it is possible

Answer by juicy girl
since thatres nothing in salad except water then it’s probably because you just eat that and um… it make ur stomach fell light and um… well… it might make u hungry. SO EAT MORE FOOD!

Why does eating salad make me sick to my stomach?

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