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Why is beef making me so sick?
I’ve noticed that every time I eat beef I get really sick with stomach cramps and diarrhea most of the time I get extreme nausea and vomit. I’m usually not feeling well the day after either. What could be some causes?

Answer by Zach
The most logical answer is that you’re allergic to beef.

Answer by MZ.NELLI
i dont know you could be eating bad beef u could be allergic JUST STOP EATING BEEF!!!

Answer by Veronica Knight
It depends. Is it the same type of beef every time (brand name)?

It could be undercooked, or maybe you have a sensitive stomach.

It is possible to be allergic, as well.


Answer by Frank
1. Psychological. You are afraid of eating beef or afraid of gaining weight or gaining muscle. (not that simply eating beef will noticeably change yor muscle – but you believe it will).

2. Difficulty digesting fat.

Allergies to beef are quite unusual.

Answer by Susan Yarrawonga
Some people are allergic to beef as in

Why is beef making me so sick?

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